DCB Systems Integration, Inc. is an Oklahoma Corporation specializing in software design and development, computer / network installation and troubleshooting, virus defense and removal, and website development and maintenance.


Our mission is to be a single highly skilled source for fulfilling all of your corporate computing needs.  By bringing strong expertise in hardware, firmware, networks, applications, and software together; we are able to identify and solve many more problems in a more efficient manner and with less disruption.


We feel that this synergy of technical knowledge and experience is very valuable to you by being able to:

  • Solve problems without unnecessarily creating any new problems.

  • Troubleshoot difficult problems involving hardware, network, and/or software interaction.

  • Identify impending problems before they strike.

  • Save time and money in both direct and indirect costs and expenses.


Last, but not least, we always keep your welfare at the top of the priority list, not our immediate profit.  We believe that long-term healthy relationships are built on a trust earned by repeatedly demonstrating superior integrated skills applied with a sensitivity to your needs.  We believe that this approach to our support is the true key to your success.

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