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Significant Projects Resumé

BSAVED - Business Simplification And Variety Elimination Diagnostics:  A complete decision support system for Avery Dennison's World Headquarters.

  • This system synergistically combines several technologies in a unique way that allows complex calculations to be performed against massive quantities of data.

  • Data importing with filtering and checking for reasonable values, allowing a greater confidence in the data read into the program for computations.

  • Calculations that can be performed on numbers and logic that can be applied based on values providing about 80% of the functionality of a spreadsheet program.

  • Operations that can performed on data sets with the special feature that operations can be controlled on a row by row basis providing about 80% of the functionality of a database program with unique hooks into spreadsheet program capabilities.

  • Presentation quality reports can be generated, ready for board room review.

  • Presentation quality charts can be generated, in black and white in color for all Windows supported printers.

  • All operations "from cradle to grave" can be automated so that a single menu selection can initiate a complete data import and analysis, data calculation and reduction, and report package generation.

  • The program consists of over 100,000 lines of object oriented code, has zero known bugs, and was developed in less that 18 months by a single programmer.

Diamond Partner Assistant - Total Cost Of Ownership Calculator And Configurator:  A sales and configuration tool for Network Computing Devices sales force and partners.

  • An automated spreadsheet program with the appearance of a website that teaches the important factors contributing to the total cost of ownership of PCs and thin clients while determining the components needed and estimating the costs for a thin client solution.

  • Ease of use while addressing the many complex issues involved was a primary objective.

  • Maximum maintainability with a minimum of time and cost was also a primary objective.

  • Microsoft Excel 97 was the required lowest common denominator platform with full Excel 2000 compatibility.

  • For more information and download, see NCD Diamond Partner Assistant.  You may download and try out the DPA for yourself.


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